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Far East Gold

Coarse gold procurement business

Far East Group has reached a cooperative relationship with a number of mining companies, including the Cortez gold mine in America, Sakha gulch-gold mine and primary gold mine in Russia, … and North Lagunas gold mine in Peru. Coarse gold procurement business is also provided. The Group also has a professional service team and a complete supply chain. It provides high-quality services including material selection, pricing, customs clearance, shipping scheduling and other services. Business contacts are spread all over the world.

  • The Bolvar River Gold Mine in Kesdao, South Africa
  • Sakha gulch-gold mine in Russia
  • Cortez gold mine in America

Coarse gold procurement business

The Group controls the chain industry from mining to terminal sales and cooperates with the cooperative group companies to participate in exploration, mining, mineral processing, smelting, processing and sales. It focuses on the development of large-scale enterprises in the gold industry and strives to build China's leading gold producer and one of the largest integrated service companies for terminal sales. The Group focuses on the wholesale business of raw gold and supplies raw materials for buyers. With the most advanced metallurgical technology, the raw materials are refined and purified into Au999 and Au9999 gold bars. The Group has a comprehensive team of handicraft design, development, production and sales. It has advanced production equipment and strong technical research and development capabilities. It can independently develop various gold products and design and manufacture products according to customers' requirements. The Group provides one-stop full service.

  • Refining
  • Injection molding
  • Storage
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